One year of presentations

January 11 2009

thinking back to what 2008 brought, one of the biggest news is me doing presentations, both at public agile events and at company seminars.

indeed, this summer me and Tommaso were at ESSAP doing a session on “Customer TDD and FitNesse”. then, in november Pietro and I were at the Italian Agile Day, presenting “Retrospective, Stand-up Meeting and Daily Journal”. then, just before xMas we had a company-wide webinar with me presenting “Testing in isolation pt.1, dependencies faking”.

doing mentoring also means having workshops and presentantions with other teams, so this year i also had the chance of presenting TDD, OO principles and mocking tools.

and, last but not least, i’ll be presenting in a few weeks at next italian Alt.NET conference (hosted by Sourcesense – more on this soon) talking, again, about Customer TDD and FitNesse, this time providing examples in .NET (even if the main theme remains the same).

being a developer does not help in any way presenting technical stuff in public. of course, a solid unterstanding ot the topics is mandatory, but knowing and telling are two completely different things. that’s why, doing and doing again, i finally hope to learn presenting in a clear and effective way. and improve my english too.

audience’s feedback is tremendously important!


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