Flexible enough, but not too much

June 18 2009

as usual, switching to a new project, i like to perform a code review on my own or while pairing, looking for un-emerged design or simply for duplications; that’s really the funniest thing for a design-maniac like me. sometime nice hints do come, sometimes don’t (probably because the design is good enough given actual goals).

so, last week i’ve moved to an existing codebase, and while pairing i noted down on paper some complexities i found on code; later, with all green bars, we tried to simplify a bit. what mainly come out was a revisited model-view-controller triad for a reporting system.

my preferite part was the formatting stuff: some nested complex loops became a composition of Formatters, each taking care of a small amount of rows (details, total) or columns (descriptions, calculations, and the like).

as we started a new story, i paid attention to how much code was reused: not as much as i supposed, and that was really a shame, even if code was clearer. today was our payoff.

we found a bug on a report. given a collection of aggregates, we expected to see details for first aggregate, then a summary for its total, followed by details for second aggregate, then second summary, and so on. instead, result was all details followed by all summaries. there was something wrong with how Formatters where composed. fortunately, that wiring was in one single point.

so, it turned out that it was just a matter of composing Formatters in a different way. from today journal:

we fixed a bug on rows order moving from a composite with two section formatters (details, summary) to a section formatter with a composite (details, summary). flexibility powered by OO.

day by day, i’m learning the difference between flexibility and generality (as Wake’s Refactoring Book helped me understand).

moreover, it now seems it’s also easier for us to estimate tasks, having clearer boundaries and reusing code. and, off course, knowing more about domain logic.

being honest, there’s a lot of noise due to Java generics! if only we could use .NET implementation..


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