Say what you want

September 3 2009

did you ever want to be notified about latest build status? think about having a script that monitors your build server via RSS feed, and notifies success or failures saying something like “build broken for project XYZ”. add a rubysh taste, and…

i’m happy to announce cruise-monitor has just been published! as README says:

“Cruise-monitor is, well, a monitor to CruiseControl build status, via RSS feed. It uses MacOS ‘say’ command for notifications. So far, only CriseControl.rb is supported, but plans are to support CC and CC.NET as well”.

this is the first open-source project hosted on our company public servers that i’m involved in. it basically was born after a few broken builds for the project my team is currently working on: a Rails application built on a CruiseControl.rb continous integration server.

it happened a few times no one noticed a failing test or a missed svn add. we started using a feed reader playing sounds on each new build, but still it was not able to distinguish failure from success. that’s when we thought about using great MacOs say command.

it started as a spike on ruby, RSS and system exec, but it soon turned into a real project: a Rake build file; unit, integration and acceptance tests; README, LICENSE and TODO files.

so far i’m the only committer! i hope the community around will grow a little bit. i’m going to add details on our public confluence in the following days.. so, stay tuned!


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