Growing agilists

November 29 2009

i know, i’m late, really really late.

6th Italian Agile Day has gone, on november 20th. as usual, it’s been a big party, when “old” friends meet and have fun, talking about Agile methods and Italian community. i was still sick, thanks to a friendly one-week flu, so i just reached at lunch time to avoid cold and rushing early in the morning. but it was enough! this year i dediced to “taste a bit of everything”, so i was able to join some open space and session, moving from one to another.

me and Davide also had a session on “Extreme Release Planning”, very funny for me: i had the pleasure to work with Davide, an ex-colleague of mine, and he had the idea of making the audience feel the problem we were talking about: loosing clear vision of priorities, due to lack of release dates. we set up a rudimental planning game: one long string with stories written on A4 sheets (with name and estimate), moving stories to another long string as soon as they were planned.

(thanks to the volunteer guys from adience for helping us with this!)

slides are available here.

here they are some good recap of the conference:

as Roberto said on extremeprogramming-it mailing list, Italian Agile movement is growing and our conference has come of age!

see you next year.


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