Killing me softly

May 7 2010

continuous task switching: that’s it.

can’t manage to work developing one project, following production setup for a second one, doing email/phone consultancy on a third one (where I’m officially no more involved), then helping colleagues in Rome spiking around with a fourth one.

I’m broken.

even more, our near past and future involvment as a team on customer-side is managing a pipeline of (initially) four projects: then (working targeting success) this is getting broader, and more projects are expected to be started on a monthly basis. this is probably the most interesting thing: a shared release plan, one team, more projects.

and a single source for budgets. expect more on this soon..


One Response to “Killing me softly”

  1. Marco Says:

    Sounds like a Kanban-like approach with a single board with tasks from every project is worth a try

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