De solus peregrinari

September 8 2010

well, sorry for my bad latin (almost a dozen years since my last versione), but it sounded so nice as a title! just wanted to share with you such an amazing experience I had: travelling all alone from hostel to hostel, meeting zillion of people from all over the world, while having holidays, beach, good food and relax.

that’s, to be short, a summary of my ten days in Algarve and Portugal, last august.

here’s the route of my travelling, by plane from Milan, then only using public transports, which turned out to be a lot of.. waiting! Tavira, Faro and Sagres, getting on and off in Lagos and Tunes, then straight to Porto, Gaia and Granja. such a great time, met people from Germany, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Norvay, Ireland, Scotland, England and New Zeland, to name a few. I also improved my english!

if you like sun and beaches, well consider Algarve for your next vacation. Tavira is calm and relaxing, while in Sagres you’ll find wild coast, waves and surfers. Lagos and Albufeira are very turistic places, so I just skipped those. Porto has been very challenging, walking up and down the hills all day.

feel free to enjoy these pictures!


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