New books on the shelf

February 6 2011

I’m investingating structures and behaviour at system level, trying to improve my knowledge in that area with a pragmatic approach, doing a few exercises like reviewing and documenting past projects, and organizing concepts and buzzwords around a “design/software architecture/system architecture” scale.

then finally, bought these books..

“Release It!”, which I’ve first borrowed from company’s bookshelf and read in a rush (mostly on a train, going back and forth in a two weeks consultancy in Venice). one of the most illuminating technical books I’ve ever read, on the topic of architecture and quality attributes.

“Essential Software Architecture”, which I’ve discovered while surfing the Sydney University’s Enterprise-Scale Software Architecture class lectures. seems like a really compact and valuable reference book, giving insights on topics like enterprise application integration, messaging infrastructure, middleware and application servers.

“Software Architecture, Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline”, a ’96 book aiming to organize knowledge and patterns on software architecture styles, as perceived in the nineties: client-server and distributed computing, pipes and filter, layered systems, and the like.

“Software Architecture in Practice”, a huge book from Carnegie Mellon’s SEI institute. well, don’t think I’m fully reading this, I was mainly interested in quality tactics, a cookbook to chose recipes from while looking for specific topics, such as scalability or capacity.

well, my reading list got bigger!


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