Rise and fall, and rise again

August 21 2011

the smart ones have probably noticed I’ve been lately writing much more about traveling, friends, mood, and fewer about software in general. nice shot! in fact the last 6 months have been so full of news and changes for me, in my private and personal stuff. don’t want to bore anybody, but: I’ve moved to a new flat, which j’adore, I traveled a lot (Spain, Crete and southern Italy), and finally bought a car (this is such a big change!), to name a few.

but only the smarter ones could have guessed it was due to kinda a “tiny” breakdown I had, and thanks to friends it’s all gone. funny enough, at least when I tell people about, it seems to be an “age of 30” breakdown!

anyway, I’m not done with telling you news. in fact, in order for you to understand how I could travel so much, and spend so much time on my own, you miss one more bit. here it goes: I left my job.

past year has been really tough. first, I learned new stuff and skilled a lot on system administration and shipping to production. even more, my company had a major internal restructuring, so my team no longer belonged to Sourcesense but had a brand new home: XPeppers.

big changes outside, big changes inside. that’s when I realized I should have had some time focusing on myself. and quitting my company was a natural choice. bank account said saved money was enough for a few months off. so I embraced change without fearing the future too much. sure, I briefly looked for open jobs in Europe, and Milan as well, but targeting a very long holidays before starting any new job.

and we’re done. next week I’ll join 7Pixel Nautilus team, where I’ll meet two ex colleagues: Davide as a full-time coach, and Antonio as a uber senior developer. this means moving from customer development and even consultancy, to product development, facing both internal stakeholders and the market.

can’t really say how much I owe Matteo and Orione team, and all the people at Sourcesense and XPeppers. I had more than 3 years of intense learning and fun, working side-by-side with skilled people in Milan, Rome and Amsterdam (shame is I could not join UK people too).

well, don’t forget they’re hiring!


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