Mas vale tarde que nunca

November 23 2011

8th Italian Agile Day has gone. funny, amusing, almost interesting and well-scheduled. I had positive feedback about my session too, even if we were just 30 people (it’s no surprise, being Francesco in the room next to us!). don’t forget, I collected resources about my session here, as usual.

I’m late answering one of the question from the audience: “how to successfully apply XP while still having to negotiate contracts with customers?”. my humble answer was: I’m not an expert in this field, but I can provide links to further readings. so here it comes!

resources in English:

resources in Italian:

I’m glad someone asked this during my session, this finally forced me to collect all those links in one single place! and sure I’m referring this blog post again, really really soon..


One Response to “Mas vale tarde que nunca”

  1. Antonio Says:

    What’s the meaning of title?

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