One year worth of movies

December 30 2011

this year is getting close to an end, and so it’s time for me to share the results of a very personal experiment I did. I collected almost all the tickets of movies I watched at the cinema during 2011, and they are a lot! yep, going downtown with friends and share a nice movie with them is something I like a lot. sometimes there was a “too complicated” movie to be watched, so the crew was really small!

anyway, it’s time to share my suggestion with you. I’m listing movies with their Italian title, but linking to the English pages on IMDB. also, I’m referring to movies projected in Italy in 2011, even if many of them have been published some years ago.

here it comes the podium.

First place
these are the winners, no doubt.

  • American Life, the great adventure of a young couple, so in love not to be pushed down by life. maybe it’s just because I’m 30…
  • Hereafter, three stories about life after death, smoothly twisting together. I was initially skeptical because of the topic, nevertheless highly recommended
  • La donna che canta, a personal tale quickly turning into the history of Lebanon. you will understand why “one plus one equals one”
  • Angele e Tony, a romantic guy meets a determined woman willing to get married, in order for her to leave the penitentiary. but it soon turns into something deeply different
  • Una separazione, an intelligent representation of modern Iran issues, through the storytelling of an average family
  • Tomboy, teens in trouble with their sexual identity. one of the sweetest movies in the list, especially for the little sister Jeanne
  • In un mondo migliore, a cruel Danish movie about malice and human instincts, and their consequences
  • This must be the place, an ex-rockstar getting back in touch with his family, and willing to complete what his dead father started and dedicated his life to. first Italian movie in the list, with an incredible Sean Penn
  • Il ragazzo con la bicicletta, a teen looking for a family, and a woman discovering her parenthood
  • Precious, no matter how much life push you down, you’re still precious. even being an abused, raped and pregnant black teen girl, living in New York suburbs
  • Biutiful, an incredible Barcelona watched through the eyes of an outlaw, which is also able to see his death
  • La versione di Barney, a funny story about a man and his troubles with love. a great Dustin Hoffman and his “Mazel tov”!
  • Another year, exactly what the title says. Tom and Gerri, their relationship with others, their willing to keep happines in their daily life

Second place
these are movies I liked, worth watching, but that didn’t leave me something as deep as for those above.

Third place
worth being cited, but I would not probably watch them again: Pina, Kill me please, The tree of life, Faust and Urlo.

Off the podium
I’m almost done. if you didn’t have enough, these are movies I didn’t like so much, but maybe they’re ok for you, worth spending 2 hours on sunday evening: Il debito, Tamara Drewe, Il discorso del re, Amore e altri rimedi, Crazy, stupid love, La vita facile, Ladri di cadaveri, Holy water and La fine è il mio inizio

great, I’m done. hope you enjoyed the report, and that you could find something interesting to watch soon!


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