365 more days worth of movies

December 31 2012

that’s kind of a ritual for me, collecting cinema tickets during the year, then sharing with you movies I liked the most. this year I’ll be quicker, and list only the top 15. believe me, it’s been extremely difficult for me to decide among almost 60 movies!

again, I’m listing Italian titles and linking to the English pages on IMDB. also, some of them have been published some years ago, but projected in Italy in 2012. so, here it comes…

  • Un sapore di ruggine e ossa, for sure the toughest of them all, be prepared for thrilling opening and a closing scenes. an incredible Marion Cotillard will share rise and fall in the life of a whale instructor
  • Detachment, Adrien Brody as an high-school teacher, telling you how to survive this “marketing holocaust” called modern life
  • Monsieur Lazhar, how 10 years old children react to a violent event occurred in their school, helped by the sweetness of an improvised teacher, running away from war in his motherland
  • Moonrise Kingdom, the sweet and funny “elopment” of a young scout and his beloved, across an island lost in the middle of the Sixties. great cast, nice photography, an incredible sound-track (don’t miss the credits!)
  • Ernest e Celestine, a cartoon scripted by Daniel Pennac. the story of a little mouse and an hungry bear, fighting against their cultures to be accepted as friends. targeting kids, this movie shows adults the consequences of prejudices
  • E ora dove andiamo?, problems of Christians and Muslims living together in a little town in Lebanon. only women would prevent tensions from degenerating into a civil war
  • La guerra è dichiarata, a modern “Juliette” and her beloved “Romeo”, quickly turning from a passionate love story into a drama, facing cancer with their young diseased child. Valérie Donzelli, director and main character, tells her true story
  • Piccole bugie tra amici, you won’t keep from laughing, and from crying, with this incredible comedy-drama about friendship
  • Le nevi del Kilimangiaro, realism, socialism and solidarity, settled in the proletarian Marseille
  • Miracolo a Le Havre, an enchanted story about immigration told from a young African kid’s point of view, helped by a penniless couple struggling to survive
  • Sister, “our family is very weird”, but you’ll have to wait to the end to understand how much it really is
  • Cosa piove dal cielo?, sometimes incredible stories are just “your” story. be prepared to laugh with a sad and unlucky “Chino” traveling across Argentina
  • Tutti i santi giorni, probably the best Italian movie this year. Antonia and Guido, so different from each other, in love, young, without a real job, wishing to have a little baby in a chaotic Rome
  • La collina dei papaveri, brand new movie from Studio Ghibli, charming as usual. such a shame it’s been projected only for one day in Italy!
  • La parte degli angeli, Ken Loach new movie about “second chances”. a politically-correct comedy about ex-prisoners and whiskeys, settled in Scotland

that’s all for this year, hope you’ve found here some interesting movie to watch!


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