..maybe it’s just me speaking at Italian Agile Day 2012!

I’m probably the last person to know about it, because of my anachronistic campaign against social-stuff: I think it’s been on twitter for a long time! anyway videos are available on UniMI video portal, also integrated with slides here.

listening or watching yourself is a tough test, you learn a lot about your presentation skills. I now understand why people commented mine has been a boring session, I can’t blame them.

anyway, that’s exactly the content I wanted to share, whit numbers, plans, sketches and links for further reading. sorry for a 5 minutes black-out, funny enough “on the stage”, but we lost very few sentences. again, thanks to all the people at the conference, see ya next year!

PS: my dear handful of reader, for those of you still puzzled, here‘s the answer!


hold on for a few hours more, then hurry up! Italian Agile Day 2012 is coming on November 24th!

I’ll be presenting a session on projects evaluation, aiming to put together my past few years personal experience. this is such a interesting topic for me, combining both organizational and technical skills.

I’ll be sharing with the audience techniques for documenting and reporting software project feasibility: coarse-grained release planning, high-level logical architecture, rough delivery effort estimation, basic domain modelling. whatever simple enough you need to get started with a project kick-off. possibly.

see you in Milan!

Mas vale tarde que nunca

November 23 2011

8th Italian Agile Day has gone. funny, amusing, almost interesting and well-scheduled. I had positive feedback about my session too, even if we were just 30 people (it’s no surprise, being Francesco in the room next to us!). don’t forget, I collected resources about my session here, as usual.

I’m late answering one of the question from the audience: “how to successfully apply XP while still having to negotiate contracts with customers?”. my humble answer was: I’m not an expert in this field, but I can provide links to further readings. so here it comes!

resources in English:

resources in Italian:

I’m glad someone asked this during my session, this finally forced me to collect all those links in one single place! and sure I’m referring this blog post again, really really soon..

Thank god it’s saturday

November 8 2011

I’m almost done.

rush to finish preparing stuff ’till late night yesterday, today I trained giving my team a preview, and I collected valuable feedback… but yep, I’m almost done! what the hell am I talking about? well, that’s my session for the Italian Agile Day 2011 conference, which is going to hosted saturday November 19th in Rome.

on my side, this is going to be the fourth year in a row preseting at the conference, and I’m very pleased. this time I’m experimenting something new, and potentially off-topic: telling a story about me as a musician, using this stuff as a medium to bridge a well-known domain with a relatively new field, at least for the newbies amoung the audience: live bands performance and successful XP teams. my hope is having the people not focusing too much on the (almost funny) story-telling, but picking some helpful hints.

conference got quickly sold-out, 600 people are expected to come, and there’s a huge waiting list. 25 session scheduled, as 5 parallel tracks. conference organization team did a great job, valuating and selecting sessions from more than 40 proposals: this is going to be the biggest event ever for the Italian Agile community, so far. what else? see you in Rome!

Imagine all the pictures

January 26 2011

if you’re like me addicted to drawing, you probably think pencil and paper (whiteboard optional) are the most powerful communication tools. so, here’s a tip for getting images ready for your digital media, like blog posts and presentations: simply sketch lines on paper, take a picture, then trace it.

here’s the recipe:

  1. use a digital camera for taking a picture of your sketches, and copy image to your PC/laptop
  2. convert image to grayscale, crop it and adjust contrast/brightness to sharpen dark lines on white background. any image processing tool is good (Seashore on MacOS, GIMP on Linux and Windows)
  3. convert image to .pbm, as required by next step, with ImageMagick
  4. trace image, with Potrace (also available with MacPorts on MacOS)

result is a sharp, vector image, from which you can easily create illustrations as PNG/JPG images, targeting media resolution (150/300 DPI) without quality loss and with a whiteboard/clipart taste!

original image

resulting image

finally, here’s an handy bash script to apply steps 3 and 4 in one shot, which I’m using these days for presentations. enjoy!

echo "processing $1.."
convert $1 $1.pbm
potrace $1.pbm -o $1.ps
rm $1.pbm

Video from IAD 2010

December 9 2010

just updated personal page adding links to both slides and video for the presentation I had at the last Italian Agile Day 2010. enjoy!

Thank god it’s friday

November 18 2010

have you got any plan for next friday, november 19th? still puzzled by all that Agile thing? good news: people from all over Italy are meeting in Genova, to discuss, debate, questioning, maybe learning something valuable for their company and team.

Matteo just published a brief tourist guide for anybody new to Italian Agile Day conference, 7th edition! we’re both hosting sessions, but please have a look at the official agenda: four conference rooms, sessions from 11 to 18, with additional rooms for openspaces discussions and lightning talks.

I’ll be posting slides and code samples from my session here.. see you in Genova!